Contact Lenses

Breakthroughs in contact lens technology are continuously happening. Even if you’ve tried contact lenses in the past without success, they may be worth trying again. "There are more choices than ever," says Dr. Mary Ellen Loughrey at Niswander Eye Center.



Lenses That Breathe
If you have ever given up on contacts because they were too uncomfortable, consider the newest lenses made of materials that allow six to seven times more oxygen to reach the eye than regular soft lenses do.

Lenses for Near, Far and In-between
Are you beginning to have trouble with near vision? Are you having a hard time seeing a computer screen? We’ve got contacts for that! Our skilled contact lens fitters know about bifocal contacts, monovision and multifocal lenses.

Dry Eyes? Hard to Fit?
There are finally contact lenses for people with dry eyes. Dryness is a major challenge for contact lens wearers. For most, we can now successfully fit contacts! There are also several recent contact lens designs for people with astigmatism. Our team has the experience to give most of our patients clear comfortable vision with contact lenses! 

Buy Contact Lenses
You can purchase your prescription contact lenses online at Find your preferred brand, and save time and money by having your contacts shipped directly to your home.


Get started with an eye exam at Niswander Eye Center. Then we can fit you for new contact lenses and find the right pair of glasses that make you look and see great. Schedule an appointment for a contact lens fitting today.