Eyelid Surgery

Tired looking eyes can be corrected so you see and look better. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) removes excess skin, muscle and fatty tissue from the upper and lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty is a common procedure that restores the natural beauty of your eyes and improves your vision. The results of blepharoplasty can be quite dramatic.

Baggy Eyelids

Blepharoplasty is a common procedure performed on both men and women. Due to the natural aging process, exposure to the sun, poor skin care, gravity and family history, your eyes may begin to sag, and the tissue above and below your eyes may appear puffy. The eyelids start life as firm, but over time this tissue may begin to bulge. This gives the appearance of tired bags around the eyes. These can be corrected with blepharoplasty at Niswander Eye Center.

At surgery, a small skin incision is made along the natural eyelid lines. This makes the incision almost impossible to see once healed. Excess tissue is removed, restoring your eyes back to their youthful, energetic appearance. In the event fine sutures are used, they either dissolve on their own or are removed a few days after your surgery. It’s important that you discuss the possible outcomes of this, or any, procedure with your doctor at Niswander Eye Center.

Droopy Eyelids

Droopy or sagging eyelids can have a negative impact on your vision and self-esteem. The weight of the excess tissue can cause aches and fatigue. It can also cover portions of your field of vision, interfering with your ability to read or spot a golf ball. This can cause you to look tired and older than you are. Many people then benefit from eyelid surgery that invigorates eyelids and eyebrows.

Blepharoplasty or droopy eyelid surgery to restore defined eyelids is performed when the skin above the eyelashes sags and hangs over the eyelids. The incision is made along the natural line of your eyelid, making it almost invisible during the healing process. Once the excess tissue is removed above your upper eyelid, vision is no longer impaired and your healthy, more youthful appearance is restored.