Lens Options

The Visionary at Niswander Eye Center offers the most innovative lens providers including Varilux®, Crizal® and Transitions®.


Varilux® is known for continuous digital lens technology innovation. We know you need to be able to quickly focus on things both near and far. Whether you’re reading a text message on your phone or focusing on street signs down the road, Varilux® designs its lenses for everyday situations. They test their designs on real patients during each stage of development, resulting in lenses that reflect the way real people use their eyes.

Crizal® provides the market’s leading no-glare lenses. These anti-reflective ophthalmic lenses are the only lenses that give you complete protection from harmful, and often irreversible, UV ray reflections. These durable lenses not only fight glare while the sun’s out, they dramatically reduce glare at night caused by oncoming headlights and street lights. Reduce eye fatigue and headaches, and enjoy lenses that stay cleaner longer with Crizal®.

For lenses that seamlessly adapt to light changes, look no further than Transitions®. No matter what time of day, indoors or out, you can see the world in the best light possible with Transitions®. They automatically darken or lighten depending on the amount of light exposure.